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Nelson Rogers Design, a full service interior design studio began in Denver, Colorado about 35+ years ago. Trained as a legal assistant, my 5 year complete home remodel of a 1920's bungalow drove me directly into the Interior Design business.  

Along with the remodeling skills learned in through that extensive process and further schooling in Interior Design principles, Nelson Rogers Design Studio was born. 

After relocating to Arizona and designing and building my first custom home, I branched out into construction of home in the Arizona White Mountains.   13 home later - construction is still my passion.

Because of my strong backgrounds in both home construction and the fine art of fabric construction - I bring a very diverse and acute eye to the design process, and the specific knowledge  of how things work.  "Form follows function".  

I believe in the listening to the client and helping them discover their voice in their surroundings.  I know that I can help you find yours.



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